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Specializing in Natural Search Engine Marketing, our optimization services can help get your message out. We work within search engine guidelines to deliver great results – Ask about our guarantee. Whether you are interested in website optimization, social marketing, web design, customizing an existing site, or maintenance-we can help!

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Philip DunnPhilip Dunn, SEO

As a website SEO and holistic practitioner, I enjoy helping the holistic community get their message out to the world. While I can and do optimize multiple website topics, my niche market is the holistic field. It would be my pleasure to help direct more internet traffic to your website-and to show the world what you have to offer!

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Client Testimonial:

In my 20 years in business, I’ve hired and been disappointed with pretty much everyone one the net who claims to be an internet marketing or SEO expert. NOT SO with Phil. He’s the real deal.He not only brought my sites up to page 1 on a competitive keyword, but has continued to help me solve other design issues that hinder long term SEO as well as bringing in and managing other technical help for me when need be.

I have never been able to truly recommend any other VA I’ve hired in all these years (and I’ve hired a lot). Phil is a pleasure and inspiration to work with — and he gets the job done with accountability and shared enthusiasm. Thank you PHIL!

Ronda LaRue

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All packages are typically completed in 2-3 weeks. For additional work, monthly ongoing packages are available or additional diagnostics and updating can be billed hourly.